Cheaper is better? Made In Taiwan or Made In China? -2

Cheaper is better? Made In Taiwan or Made In China? -2

Is it literally cheaper?

After providing the inquiry, clients always complain, “Why it’s so expensive! The price by China manufacturers is much cheaper!”  This is the problem that every Taiwan manufacturers had faced. And most manufacturers give the same answer, “Ours are made in Taiwan, the quality is better.” But the question is, what is the difference exactly between Taiwanese products and China products? Explaining the detail is the key point to compete with the China products.

        Here are two items to show you the detail. First one is the front bumper trim for Mini Cooper 2002 (51116800142) which is made in China.

And the other one is the grille insert for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 (68143074AD) which is made by Taiwan manufacturer, Sheng Yi Auto Parts.

Although two items are actually not the same product for the same car, what we want to focus is the “clips”, the place to fasten the part on the body.

The devil is hidden in the details

We can see there’s a significant difference between two products on the clips. The clips on grille insert are neat and triangle-shaped, but are very messy on the bumper trim. It even doesn’t have sufficient space to maintain the position. The fact is, when a product in tuning design process, flexibility and shrinkage rate should be considered by experienced engineers to design the well-fitness products. After the careful consideration and design, engineers will use CNC machining and electrical discharge machining to make the molding. For China manufacturer, how to earn the biggest profit is most important. Making the product fit perfectly is not their first consideration. In this case, we can see the China manufacturer fix the clips by bare hands to solve the problem of fitness when they reduce the cost on molding. The perfect fitness got a lot of effects even the noise, not to mention it might fall off during driving. In facts, lots of noise is caused by these invisible details.

After the comparison, we now understand the difference between the fasten clips and the effects it might cause.  It’s unfortunately that we can’t have these two products install on the car and show more difference exactly. But undoubtedly, the cost-down product causes bad fitness.

Everybody should look for the balance between cheap and quality.

There are several ways to reduce the cost and commonly at tiny places. Most Taiwan manufacturers work on the details step by step, but China manufacturers are good at reducing the cost to make biggest profit. The price indeed makes clients impressive and causes an illusion that Taiwanese products are much more expensive. But if you weight up the pros and cons, you will know products made in Taiwan are still better than China products.